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This wiki is dedicated to the tools I've developed for Final Fantasy XI & XIV.

x14-2 — Tools for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


x14-2 provides a framework to extend the game experience through a plugin system.

The following plugins are available :

  • AutoLogin : saves your password during the login process
  • Timestamp : adds a timestamp to the chat log
  • TellDetect : plays a sound on incoming tells
  • ExpWatch : gathers statistics on your experience gains
  • ChatLog : logs the content of the chat to a file
  • Distance : displays the distance between the player and the current target

Windower x14

x14 — Tools for Final Fantasy XI


This project has been taken over by TeoTwawki@GitHub as of December 2015.

LootBox : Browse the inventory of your characters while offline.

It features:

  • An advanced search function (job, level range, etc.)
  • Customized tab configuration for future “bags”
  • Multi-languages support
  • Description tooltips
  • Compact listings



If you found any of these tools helpful and wish to make a donation, this button will take you to

Feel free to send any comment or suggestion to xebeth~at~north-edge.com.

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