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LootBox is a replacement for the now defunct AltanaCubby. It reads files stored by the game in the USER folder containing a local copy of your inventory.
This project has been taken over by TeoTwawki@GitHub as of December 2015.


This version is no longer compatible due to changes in the format of game files.
Downloads from Google Code

You'll need 7-zip to extract the stand-alone executable. If you choose the Shared DLL version, you will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86).

Upon first launch, LootBox should automatically detect the installation path of Final Fantasy XI from the registry. If this fails, you will be asked to pick it manually.
If the interface is still empty after all that, you will need to edit the INI file and change the FFXiPath value. The correct path should contain the USER sub-folder.

Adding a new tab

In the event of a new inventory “bag”, you can simply add a new line in the INI file under [Inventory].
LootBox currently supports bags up to the Mog Sack (sk.dat).

Renaming a character

The panel on the left contains a list of all the characters you have logged in with at least once.
At first, it will be listed as a random string of hexadecimal characters (for instance e72e7c).
You will have to guess the identity of each character with the content of your bags.
To rename an entry, simply press F2 or simple click on it and input a new name.

Hiding a character

If you do not wish to see certain characters in the list, add an arobase (@) at the beginning of the name and restart LootBox.
To show a hidden character again, edit the INI file and remove the arobase.

Compact listing

This option is turned on by default and will show multiple “stacks” of the same item as a single line in the form of name (quantity). Stack here is used loosely as the information cached in the inventory files does not track quantities.

By pressing CTRL+F, you can search for specific items from a wide range of criterions:

  • Job
  • Equipment slot
  • Type
  • Race and gender
  • Name or description
  • Level range
  • Damage
  • Defense
  • Delay
  • Rare or exclusive

Right click and choose Close or middle-click to close a search result tab.

Multi-languages support

While the interface itself doesn't support languages other than English, you can change the language in which the items name and description are displayed.

Known issues

  • Some of the text might be cut off due to accents in certain languages (mostly German and French).
  • When closing search results, the list is not refreshed.

However, LootBox is no longer maintained since I quit playing Final Fantasy XI.

This project has been taken over by TeoTwawki@GitHub as of December 2015.

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