Decrypter x14

Decrypter x14 is a simple program that lets you decrypt most of the files situated in <My Documents>/My Games/Final Fantasy XIV/user.



Simply browse or drag n' drop a file and press Decrypt. It will produce a file with the same name appended with .decrypted.
The encryption works both ways so “decrypting” a decrypted file will revert it to its crypted version.

Encryption scheme

Each byte of the file is XOR'd with 0x73 (0b01110011).

| decrypt function
/*! \brief Decrypts a buffer file using a XOR operation.
	\param[in]		pCrypted_in		: a buffer containing the encrypted data
	\param[out]		pDecrypted_out	: a buffer receiving the decrypted data
	\param[in]		Length_in		: the length of the buffers
	\return true if the parameters were correct; false otherwise
bool Decrypt(const char *pCrypted_in, char **pDecrypted_out, int Length_in)
	if (Length_in > 0 && pCrypted_in != NULL && pDecrypted_out != NULL && *pDecrypted_out != NULL)
		for (int i = 0; i < Length_in; ++i)
			// XOR 01110011
			*(*pDecrypted_out + i) = (*(pCrypted_in + i) ^ 0x73);
		return true;
	return false;

See Macro Editor x14 for an application of this.

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