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x14-2 [Final Fantasy XI/XIV Tools]


The new version of x14, cleverly named x14-2, updated to work with the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (phase 2).


Download the installer and follow the instructions. As part of the new installation process, a user agreement has been added.
If the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package is not present on your computer, the installer will download it directly from Microsoft as part of the installation process.

Make sure to start the configuration utility at least once:

  • Check in the list the plugins you'd like to load
  • Double click on a plugin to open its own configuration screen
  • You can create several profiles with any combination of loaded plugins and settings


The launcher and configuration tool both support the /Profile “<Profile name>“ command line.
The double quotes are only necessary if the profile name contains spaces.
This will make the specified profile default.


All commands are to be inputted directly in the chat and prefixed by //.

The following commands are built-in: help [<command>] displays the help message for the specified command (no argument: for all available commands) load <plugin> loads the specified plugin (the name must match the name in the plugin list) unload <plugin> unloads the specified plugin (same as above) list prints a list of plugins (loaded or available) configure displays the configuration dialog of the plugin (if available) exit forces the game to close


  • F11 will minimize the game; Ctrl+F11 will toggle rendering
  • Ctrl+F12 will toggle the FPS counter


AutoLogin (bootstrap)

Autologin will store your password and will automatically fill the corresponding field during the login process.
The password is encrypted using a custom algorithm based on RSA. The encryption key used is unique and generated from your hardware.
Considering the sensitivity of the data, I'm not expecting a lot of people will use this feature.


TellDetect will play a sound everytime you receive a tell message.

While this is somewhat rendered obsolete by the built-in equivalent, you might still want to keep it to use a customized sound.
The sound will also be heard if the game is minimized.


Timestamp w ill add a timestamp in from of every line in the chat log. The format can be fully customized.


timestamp::format <format> Changes the format of the timestamp for new messages


ExpWatch will gather statistics on your experiences gains such as:

  • Experience points per hour
  • Experience points per kill
  • Total experiences point
  • Number of kills/gathering attempts/crafted items
  • Time spent


expwatch::start Starts the statistics collection expwatch::stop Stops the statistics collection expwatch::report Gives a report of the statistics expwatch::reset Resets the statistics


ChatLog will generate a very basic log in the logs sub-folder. It will add a timestamp to messages and the file itself will be readable even while it is being written to.


Distance will display the distance between the player and their current target at the top left of the screen.


AutoBlacklist gives a score to every shout/yell/tell messages from a customisable list of words. A tell adds 1 point, a shout 3 points and a yell 5 points to the score. If the threshold specified in the option is exceeded, the message will be blacklisted.

After a given number of offenses (if set to 0, this behaviour is disabled), the character will be added automatically to the blacklist (the in-game confirmation will still pop up).

This plugin is a bit on the experimental side since the default word list and scores might not be ideal. However, it is up to you to tweak it to suit your needs.


blacklist::add <word> <score> Adds a word to the list of scored words blacklist::remove <word> Removes a word from the list of scored words blacklist::list Displays a list of the scored words blacklist::threshold [<score>] Sets the score threshold determining if a message is blacklisted. If no parameter is given, the current value is displayed. blacklist::count [<count>] Sets the number of offenses before blacklisting a character. If no parameter is given, the current value is displayed. blacklist::history <sub-command> Sub-commands:
• msg: Displays a list of blacklisted messages by character.
• char: Displays a list of blacklisted characters.

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